MiTeGen Announces NANUQ™, an Automated High-speed Cryocooling Device

MiTeGen Announces NANUQ™, an Automated High-speed Cryocooling Device

Ithaca, NY, – July 19, 2016 (on LLC, a provider of innovative consumables for protein crystallization and X-ray diffraction to academic, pharmaceutical, industrial and government researchers around the world, announced the launch of their NANUQ™ automated, high-speed, cryocooling device for improved cryopreservation of small samples.

The complex laboratory instrument provides up to a ten-fold increase in cooling rates compared to the current methods. This increase in cooling rate reduces crystalline ice formation within and around small samples such as those found in X-ray crystallography and in oocyte and embryo vitrification. The initial product release has been customized to the needs of protein crystallographers. The company is pursuing additional funding for further adaption of their patented technology to the needs of the assisted reproductive industries.

“This device brings users much needed control and reproducibility to crystallography experiments.” says Ben Apker, Director of Business Development at MiTeGen. “This research involves very small, extremely sensitive samples. Eliminating the variability and non-optimal cooling rates, that result from hand-plunging delicate crystal samples into liquid nitrogen leads to better data and more reproducible results.”

NANUQ™ will be on display in MiTeGen’s booth at the 66th Annual meeting of the American Crystallographic Association (ACA), in Denver July 22nd – 26th, 2016.

Historically, the company’s roots lay in the development of sub-millimeter sized consumables, such as Dual-Thickness MicroMounts™ and MicroLoops LD™. This product launch marks the first time MiTeGen has brought a complex laboratory instrument to the market place. Developed with the help of funding from an SBIR grant from the NIH, this instrument fills a clear need in an industry that focuses primarily on data collection at cryogenic temperatures.

“Diversifying from a consumables-only based product line to include complex laboratory instrumentation is another great milestone for MiTeGen.” says Rob Newman, CEO of MiTeGen. “I look forward to seeing how NANUQ will empower better research in drug discovery and other structural biology areas.”

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