ACTOR Magazines (Pucks) and Tool Set

ACTOR Magazines (Pucks) and Tool Set contains all the pucks and related tools for use with Rigaku’s ACTOR sample handling system.

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Product Information

The components of the ACTOR Magazines (Pucks) and Tool Set are:

Five ACTOR magazines (pucks): Each magazine holds up to 12 samples mounted using standard 18 mm MiTeGen pins. Magnetized bottom for secure positioning in the ACTOR staging dewar and ACTOR storage racks. Constructed of aluminum for frost-free use and durability Slotted for manipulation with the ACTOR magazine tongs.

ACTOR magazine tongs: Hemostat-style closure for secure handling of ACTOR magazines. Tips fit into ACTOR magazine slots to ensure secure manipulation.

ACTOR storage rack: Holds up to five ACTOR magazines. Fits into standard CX100 (or equivalent) shipping dewars. Individual slots for secure storage of ACTOR magazines. 2 designs available for use with Worthington HC20, HC34, HC35, and VHC35 storage dewars and/or Worthington CX100 travel dewar.

ACTOR pin tongs: Used to transfer mounted crystal into an ACTOR magazine slot. Artery style clamp closure keeps sample secure during transfer from mounting dewar to magazine. Maintains crystal at cryo temperatures. For use with standard 18 mm MiTeGen pins.