C-flat Holey Carbon Grids for TEM – Copper Only

C-flat™ is an ultra-flat, holey carbon-coated TEM support grid for transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Unlike competing holey carbon films, C-flat™ is manufactured without plastics, so it is clean upon arrival and the user has no residue to contend with.

Full Description
SKU: M-CF213-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF313-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF413-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF222C-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF442-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF212-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF312-50$424.00
SKU: M-CF412-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF223C-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF224C-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF242-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF342-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF422-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF424-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF423-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF2MH-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF3MH-100$821.50
SKU: M-CF4MH-100$821.50

Product Information

C-flat™ leads to better data sets. Made with patent pending technology, C-flat™ provides an ultra-flat surface that results in better particle dispersion and more uniform ice thickness. Patterning is done using deep-UV projection lithography, ensuring the most accurate and consistent hole shapes and sizes down to submicron features. The precise methods by which C-flat™ is manufactured elminate artifacts such as excess carbon and edges around holes.
CF-1.2/1.3-2C (100/pk) M-CF213-100 1.2 µm 1.3 µm 200 Cu
CF-1.2/1.3-3C (100/pk) M-CF313-100 1.2 µm 1.3 µm 300 Cu
CF-1.2/1.3-4C (100/pk) M-CF413-100 1.2 µm 1.3 µm 400 Cu
CF-2/0.5-2C (100/pk) M-CF205-100 2 µm 0.5 µm 200 Cu
CF-2/0.5-3C (100/pk) M-CF305-100 2 µm 0.5 µm 300 Cu
CF-2/1-2C (S100/pk) M-CF212-100 2 µm 1 µm 200 Cu
CF-2/1-3C (100/pk) M-CF312-100 2 µm 1 µm 300 Cu
CF-2/1-4C (100/pk) M-CF412-100 2 µm 1 µm 400 Cu
CF-2/2-2C (100/pk) M-CF-222C-100 2 µm 2 µm 200 Cu
CF-2/2-3C (100/pk) M-CF-223C-100 2 µm 2 µm 300 Cu
CF-2/2-4C (100/pk) M-CF-224C-100 2 µm 2 µm 400 Cu
CF-2/4-2C (100/pk) M-CF242-100 2 µm 4 µm 200 Cu
CF-2/4-3C (100/pk) M-CF342-100 2 µm 4 µm 300 Cu
CF-2/4-4C (100/pk) M-CF442-100 2 µm 4 µm 400 Cu
CF-4/1-2C (100/pk) M-CF241-100 4 µm 1 µm 200 Cu
CF-4/1-3C (100/pk) M-CF341-100 4 µm 1 µm 300 Cu
CF-4/2-2C (100/pk) M-CF422-100 4 µm 2 µm 200 Cu
CF-4/2-3C (100/pk) M-CF423-100 4 µm 2 µm 300 Cu
CF-4/2-4C (100/pk) M-CF424-100 4 µm 2 µm 400 Cu
CF-MH-2C (100/pk) M-CF2MH-100 Multi* Multi* 200 Cu
CF-MH-3C (100/pk) M-CF3MH-100 Multi* Multi* 300 Cu
CF-MH-4C (100/pk) M-CF4MH-100 Multi* Multi* 400 Cu
CF-1/1-2C (100/pk) M-CF21-100 1 µm 1 µm 200 Cu
CF-1/1-3C (100/pk) M-CF31-100 1 µm 1 µm 300 Cu
CF-1/1-4C (100/pk) M-CF41-100 1 µm 1 µm 400 Cu

* The Multihole device has a staggered pattern of six features consiting of three circle patterns of 1 micron, 1.4 micron and 2 micron diameter and three ellipse patterns of 1×4 microns, 1.4×5.6 microns and 2×8 microns.