Allows for storage and transport of cryocooled samples within cryovials utilizing the Uni-puck format. These pucks are compatible with Unipuck sample automounters. Each puck includes one CombiPuck™ base (left) and one CombiPuck™ body (right). A variety of tools for handling CombiPucks™ are available individually or as a full starter kit.


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Product Information

This video reviews the procedure for Retrieving bases with vials from Combipuck.

It features the Combipuck, dewar insert, CombiPuck Base Ejecting Handle (porcupine tool), CombiPuck Pusher (push tools), and magnetic wand.

Procedure is as follows: Transferring from the Combipuck to a spine basket, the puck is loaded on the dewar insert, the porcupine tool is used to remove the lid from the puck, the push tool is used to push the puck all the way down, vials are now accessible.

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