Cryogenic Refrigerators For Liquid or Vapor Stage Vial Storage LS Series

The LS Series of cryo storage containers and refrigerators are designed for vial storage in convenient box-type storage racks. They provide maximum holding times, which means lower per vial operating costs and fewer refills. This means the LS series of refrigerators are ideal for storing large quantities of a variety of materials at cryogenic temperatures. This includes liquid or vapor phase storage.

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Product Information

Static Holding Days130106153194
Working Time days806696120
Evaporation Rate liters/days0.270.760.850.84
Liquid Nitrogen Capacity - liters3581130165
Weight Empty39 lbs.
17.7 kg.
70 lbs.
31.8 kg.
90 lbs.
40.9 kg.
121 lbs.
55.0 kg.
Weight Full101.3 lbs.
46.0 kg.
214.2 lbs.
97.4 kg.
312.4 lbs.
146.1 kg.
410.0 lbs.
186.4 kg.
Neck Diameter4.7 in.
119 mm.
8.5 in.
216 mm.
8.5 in.
216 mm.
8.5 in.
216 mm.
Overall Height26.8 in.
681 mm.
28.8 in.
731 mm.
35.1 in.
892 mm.
39.0 in.
991 mm.
Overall Diameter18.8 in.
478 mm.
26.9 in.
683 mm.
26.9 in.
683 mm.
26.9 in.
683 mm.
Number of Racks6666
Number of Shelves/Rack55810
2 ml Vial Capacity750300048006000
Box Size
Size in.
Size mm.
Vials per box
3.0 x 3.0
5.0 X 5.0
5.0 X 5.0
5.0 x 5.0
Roller Base366783366864366864366864
Low level alarm366833366644366867366658
CS100 Controller372537369129