Crystallophore Experimental Phasing Agents

You have your choice between two Crystallophore Experimental Phasing Agents both designed to improve phasing properties. Crystallophore Phasing Agents are sold by unit (1 vial): 10μL of soaking solution (≈ 10 trials).

These are:

LuXo4-01-P as PHASING AGENT (LuXo4-01/0.6mg to use) – Sold Per Microtube Unit with 0.6mg in it
LuXo4-01-P is fully compatible with conventional phasing methods. LIII absorption edge of Lu-Xo4, at 1.34 Å, is easily accessed with most synchrotron-radiation sources leading to an anomalous contribution of about 30 e-. This contribution is also important (10 e-) on a fixed-wavelength (1 Å) beam line allowing non-optimized SAD phasing

TbXo4-02-P as PHASING AGENT (TbXo4-02/0.66 mg to use) – Sold Per Microtube with 0.66 mg in it
TbXo4-02-P is fully compatible with conventional phasing methods. It is a straightforward PHASING AGENT thanks to huge anomalous properties of f-block elements (@7.51 KeV) facilitating crystal structure determination using SAD or MAD methods.

A major advantage is that LuXo4-01-P and TbXo4-02-P overcomes the tedious and time-consuming work of seleno-methionine labeling or of heavy atom incorporation. Prior to data collection, a rapid soaking of crystals (from 30 sec to 5 min) in a concentrated Crystallophore solution (100mM) is done in their respective mother liquor supplemented with a cryo-protectant. (LuXo4-01-P and TbXo4-02-P are supplied in 0.5 ml microtubes having a conical bottom and screw cap under Argon.)


When used as phasing agents (for soaking protein native crystals or co-crystals obtained with 10mM of the same Crystallophore), a high concentration of the Crystallophore is required (100mM : 10 times more than for nucleation) : according to their respective molar mass, the packaging allow you to prepare 10 µl of soaking liquor. The phasing properties are due to the Lanthanide atom “trapped” in agents: Tb=Terbium and Lu=Lutetium. Each one has its own characteristics; you choose the one that is most suited to our needs.

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