DropSaver Lids for ADE

Custom DropSaver™ Lids for use with ADE systems (Accoustic Drop Ejection)

  • Reduce evaporative losses
  • Aid in drop placement
  • Increase crystal size and quality
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Product Information

DropSaver™ Lids for ADE – Custom DropSaver™ Lids for use with ADE systems (Acoustic Drop Ejection)
Special high-tolerance DropSaver™ Lids are excellent for protecting the nano-sized drops used in ADE populated experiments.

Developed in collaboration with Dr. Alexei Soares of Brookhaven National Labs 

In combination with custom DropSaver™ Lids, ADE devices can be used to populate plates with ultra-small protein droplets, up to 1728 per plate! [2]

ADE droplets

6 drops per well
(576 drops per plate),
dispensed via ADE

ADE drops

18 drops per well
(1728 drops per plate),
dispensed through slits in a custom DropSaver™ Lid, via ADE2