Dumont ESD Epoxy-Coated Tweezers Style 5

Dumont ESD Epoxy-Coated Tweezers Style 5 Electronic Grade. These tweezers have a slightly larger tips than the High Precision grade. Alloy Inox 02 is a standard magnetic stainless steel composed of C, Mn, Cr and Si. This alloy is not as hard as carbon steels because it contains Chromium. lnox 02 will resist temperatures of around 400°C (DIN 50 914), but cannot be sterilized.

Specifications, reference image below along with specifications:
Tweezers Dimensions M-0302-5-CO

  • A mm = 0.06
  • B mm = 0.1
  • Finish Epoxy
  • Super thin tips – Length is 110mm


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