Cryogenic eCryoTag Sample Tracking System

Cryogenic eCryoTag RFID (Radio-frequency identification) is the next generation of tracking samples in cryo-EM and crystallography.

This new eCryoTag system allows users to –

  • Track crystallography and cryo-EM pucks and cryo-EM grid boxes at cryogenic temperatures (LN2)
  • Help facilities and users easily keep track of their samples
  • Add confidence they are collecting data on the right samples
  • Cryogenic or Room Temperature scanning compatible

How it works – Cryogenic RFID Tags (eCryoTags) are embedded into the various components utilized in sample storage and tracking in cryo-EM and crystallography. These include sample storage pucks, grid boxes, or potentially other components (e.g. canes or dryshippers). The pucks and grid boxes with cryogenic RFID tags (eCryoTags) can be easily read using a simple reading system with a cryogenic compatible wand or via a puck reading station.

Users can correlate the designated ID to their samples. The system is able to be easily integrated into most LIMS.

Primary system components

  • Tagged sample storage pucks (Cryo-EM pucks, Uni-Pucks, SPINE Baskets) or cryo-grid boxes
  • CryoRFID Reader (developed at the European Molecular Biology Lab (EMBL)

The system has multiple applications –

  • Cryo-EM Sample Tracking
  • Crystallography Sample Tracking (Beamlines ESRF ID30B and ID30A1 (massif 1) are already CryoRFID ready (equipped with reader). All other MX beamlines at ESRF are ready to be enabled with a reader)
  • Other cryogenic sample storage

Developed in Collaboration with F. Cipriani (EMBL) & G. Papp (EMBL)

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Product Information

The eCryoTag (RFID) Sample Tracking System, developed in collaboration with the Cipriani Group at EMBL, is an integrated system for uniquely identifying and tracking sample storage containers used in crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM).

The team at EMBL worked to develop the electronic identification system based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags compatible with cryogenic temperature (eCryoTag) and MiTeGen has made the system commercially available to the research community.

Container with the embedded eCryoTags are giving unique identifiers (UIDs) and this UID can be read during storage or retrieval

Compatible Components:

• Cryo-EM Storage Pucks & Cryo-EM RFID Grid Boxes

• Universal V-1 Pucks  (Uni-pucks)

• SPINE (SC3) Baskets

• Additional systems are coming soon