Auto Grid Box eCryotag Tracking Option

The eCryoTag, developed at EMBL, allows your autogrid compatible cryo grid boxes to be easily identified at cryogenic temperatures.

An eCryoTag will be embedded into the autogrid grid box. The tags are easily read at room or cryogenic temperatures using a RFID reading system with embedded reading station or via the compatible reader wand.

See this link to learn more about the reader

The tags are assigned a unique designated ID. Users can then correlate the designated ID to their samples. The system is able to be easily integrated into most LIMS.

The Cryogenic RFID Tag system is currently used at:

  • Beamlines ESRF ID30B and ID30A1 (massif 1) are already CryoRFID ready (equipped with reader)
  • All other MX beamlines at ESRF are ready to be enabled with a reader

Pricing is per tagged autogrid compatible cryo grid box. So if you order seven autogrid grid boxes and want all seven autogrid grid boxes tagged, order seven eCryoTags.

Learn more how the eCryoTag system works.