Hippocrates 48 x 100ul

M-MD1-118 is presented as 48 x 100 uL conditions.

The Hippocrates Additive Screen contains all the drug-like compounds from the new Morpheus III in a single additive screen. Exclusively from Molecular Dimensions, it contains a range of unique, small, drug-like compounds to aid protein stabilization and crystallization. Read here about how Morpheus III and Hippocrates can help your screening efforts by expanding the range of chemical space on your screen.

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Features of Hippocrates:

  • Expand the range of chemical space screened with these unique additives.
  • Enhance stability and solubility of protein for crystallization with the drug-like compounds including phytochemicals, antibiotics and vitamins.
  • No bias to particular reagents of macromolecule classes.
  • Use in protein stability screen assays.