JBScreen Solubility HTS

JBScreen Solubility HTS, developed by Meindert Lamers from the MRC in Cambridge, is designed to quickly find suitable buffer components to purify and store protein in.


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Product Information

JBScreen Solubility HTS tests for buffer, pH, salt and glycerol at the same time: For all proteins investigated, suitable conditions were found in a single assay. Protein and buffer conditions are dispensed in a ratio of 1:3, thereby minimizing the effect of any buffer components in which the protein is initially stored. Standard crystallization robots set up the assay in 5 minutes and very small amounts of protein are required (10 µl @ 5-10 mg/ml). The results are visible after one hour at high protein concentration or 12 hours at low protein concentration:

JBS Solubility protein droplets

Examples of a drop without protein precipitation (left) and a drop with protein precipitation (right)