MIDASplus FX-96

M-MD1-106 is presented as 96 x 10 mL conditions. The original MIDAS screen with new precipitants – explore chemical space even further with this new and improved crystallization kit.

Feature of MIDASplus:

  • Ideal for soluble protein, protein/protein complexes, protein-nucleic acid complexes and sensitive macromolecular complexes.
  • Includes addition of PPGBA’s to increase diversity of polymers in the screen.
  • Narrow range of pH and salt concentrations centered on physiological values.
  • Every condition contains at least one alternative polymeric precipitant.
  • Designed to complement PEG and salt-based screens.
  • Compatibile with liquid-handling robots.
  • Manufacturers SKU: MD1-107-FX
  • MiTeGen SKU: M-MD1-107-FX
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