MiTeGen Stemi 508 Stereo Microscope Kit

The MiTeGen ZEISS Stemi 508 Kit provides researchers with a versatile stereo microscope that is capable of routine crystallization plate screening and crystal harvesting in standard crystallography applications. It is a good choice for laboratories on a limited budget that desire high magnification, a large working distance for easy manipulation, and the ability to add high-quality imaging of samples.

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Product Information

Here are some specific features of the Stemi 508 that are beneficial for crystallization screening and crystal harvesting:

  • 8:1 zoom magnification range allows you to easily zoom in on small crystals and droplets for detailed observation
  • Apochromatic objectives provide sharp, clear images with excellent color fidelity, which is important for accurately assessing the quality of crystals
  • The integrated LED illumination provides bright, shadow-free light that minimizes glare and improves image clarity
  • Low viewing angle of 35° ensures a comfortable viewing experience even during long periods of use, which is important for tasks such as crystal harvesting that can be tedious and repetitive
  • Ergonomic design with easy-to-use controls makes it a pleasure to use, even for extended periods of time
  • Durable construction ensures years of reliable performance, even in demanding laboratory environments

Overall, the ZEISS Stemi 508 is a powerful and versatile stereo microscope that is well-suited for a variety of applications, including crystallization screening and crystal harvesting. It is a good choice for laboratories that require high-quality images and a comfortable viewing experience.


  • Magnification: 10-80x (with 16x eyepieces)
  • Cold light (LED) transillumination source with large working area stand
  • Rotatable and slidable mirror for brightfield, darkfield and oblique transillumination
  • Plain mirror side for crisp, diffuse mirror side for homogeneous illumination
  • Trinocular Camera Port Configuration (100/100) **Camera not included**
  • Camera Adapter 60N
  • Viewing angle 35 degrees with adjustable interocular distance
  • Transillumination Polarizer
  • Dual flex-neck top-side LED illumination
  • Manual focus drive
  • Analyzer Rotatable
  • 1.0X Achromat Objective Lens
  • 92mm Free working distance (from objective lens)
  • 255mm X 215mm Work space dimensions (width X depth)
  • Comes with two eye pieces
  • Achromat 2x10X & 2x16X eyepiece type