Morpheus Additive Screen

MD1-93 is presented as 96 x 100 uL conditions in a foil sealed plate.

The Morpheus Additive Screen is a new 96-condition additive screen, containing an extensive library of ligands suitable for soluble and membrane proteins.

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Features of the Morpheus Additive Screen:

  • Contains all the compounds from the successful Morpheus and Morpheus II screens.
  • Test a large range of precipitants, stabilizers, buffers, nucleants, phasing compounds, cryoprotectants and surfactants all in one screen.
  • Enhance stability and solubility of protein for crystallization with the inclusion of NDSBs, polyamines, monosaccharides and amino acids.
  • Contains heavy atoms as additives for experimental phasing.
  • Use in protein stability screen assays e.g. thermal shift assays.
  • Suitable for both soluble and membrane proteins.