Morpheus Fusion

MD1-129 is presented as 96 x 10 ml conditions.

Morpheus® Fusion is a 96 condition incomplete factorial protein crystallization screen incorporating a range of low-molecular weight ligands. Unlock novel chemical space previously inaccessible using conventional screens. The chemistry of the conditions can be considered as ‘mild’ because they are made of PEG-based precipitant mixes and have no extreme pH.

FUSION is hence virtually suitable for samples with challenging stability (including macromolecular complexes and membrane proteins) and for soaking the resulting crystals with drug compounds.

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Product Information

Features of Morpheus® Fusion:

  • Incomplete Factorial design covering a range of pH, precipitants, PEGs and salt additives.
  • 19 Additive mixes integrating all reagents from MORPHEUS I, most reagents from Morpheus II and some from Morpheus III
  • Suitable for membrane proteins with PEGS and polyols as main precipitants.
  • Morpheus® ligands promote initial crystal formation and lattice stability.
  • Reduced crystal “stress” – all conditions are cryoprotected*.
  • Easy optimization of ‘hits’.
  • Readily available Morpheus® Fusion Optimization reagents including the Mixes and Stock reagents.