Morpheus HT-96 Green Screen

M-MD1-47-GREEN is presented as 96 x 1 mL conditions. Green Screens contain a non-covalent fluorescent dye which conveys fluorescence on most proteins when illuminated with UV light. This not only increases the signal to noise ratio (important for very small crystals), but also allows the identification of protein crystals lacking intrinsic fluorescence that would otherwise remain ambiguous.

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Features of Morpheus:  

  • Simple and effective 3D grid design covering a range of pH, PEGs and salt additives.
  • 49 low molecular weight ligands promote both initial crystal formation and lattice stability.
  • Ideal for membrane proteins (contains PEGs and low salt).
  • Reduced crystal "stress" - all conditions are cryo-protected.
  • Derived from extensive data mining of over 33,000 PDB entries.