Morpheus III 10ml

M-MD1-116 is presented as 96 x 10 mL conditions.

Exclusively from Molecular Dimensions, the new Morpheus® III screen uniquely contains a range of small, drug-like compounds including antibiotics, vitamins, phytochemicals, nucleosides and cholic acid derivatives to aid protein stabilisation and crystallisation. As with Morpheus and Morpheus II, Morpheus III was designed from scratch and optimized against a broad range of protein samples to avoid bias.

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Features of Morpheus III:

  • Expands the amount of chemical space screened with unique drug-like additives.
  • Hippocrates additve screen contains all 44 compounds used in Morpheus III for easy optimization.
  • Designed de novo and optimised against a broad range of protein samples.
  • No bias to particular reagents or macromolecules.