NatX-Ray Phasing Compounds

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Lanthanide scale-up phasing compounds (ref.: CSM002-0101A to CSM002-0110A)

Lanthanide derivatives are obtained with these compounds, either by soaking or by co-crystallization, into crystals of biological macromolecules. The crystal derivatives thus obtained can be used to solve the structure of biological macromolecules by using structure-determination methods taking advantage of the strong anomalous signal of lanthanides in their LIII absorption edge or, for some of them, with radiation from a lab X-ray source. Derivative based on Eu atom (LIII abs. edge: 6977 eV) or Yb atom (LIII abs. edge: 8944 eV) are available. We propose these compounds individually in larger quantity than in the phasing kit, for the refinement of a promising derivative.

Reference                  Compound         Amount (mL)     Concentration (mM)
CSM002-0101A         Eu-(DPA)3              1.0                           200
CSM002-0102A         Yb-(DPA)3              1.0                           200
CSM002-0103A         Eu-DOTA                0.2                           500
CSM002-0104A         Yb-DOTA                0.2                           500
CSM002-0105A         Eu-DO3A                0.2                           500
CSM002-0106A         Yb-DO3A                0.2                           500
CSM002-0107A         Eu-HPDO3A            0.2                           500
CSM002-0108A         Yb-HPDO3A            0.2                           500
CSM002-0109A         Eu-DTPA-BMA         0.2                           500
CSM002-0110A          Yb-DTPA-BMA        0.2                           500

Authors publishing results thanks to these compounds are welcome to cite the following papers:

For tris(dipicolinate)-lanthanide complexes:
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For the other complexes:
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