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Heavy atom derivatization of biological macromolecules for isomorphous and/or anomalous phasing methods.
Experimental Tungsten (W) Phasing – either by SAD/MAD or MIR experiments – has become increasingly popular due to the high electron-density and good solubility in aqueous solutions of Polyoxotungstate Clusters.

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The kit contains 6 pre-weighted solid aliquots of Tri-Sodium phosphotungstate cluster at 3.5 mg each.

Tri-Sodium phosphotungstate contains 12 tungsten metal metal centres bridged by 24 oxygen atoms. In the center of the cluster there is a phosphorous heteroatom surrounded by 4 oxygen atoms, the remaining 12 oxygen atoms are forming W=O double bonds.
As a result, the cluster carries a negative charge of 3-.

Phosphotungstate Cluster Kit Manual