Puck Shipping Canister Set (New Style), 1 set

This set includes a uni-puck shipping cane, shipping spacers and clip.  This set is for safe shipping of pucks to synchrotron sources and is compatible with most commercial dry shipping dewars.  Up to 7 pucks may be shipped using this shipping cane.  When less pucks are shipped, the corresponding Styrofoam spacers should be used to hold the pucks in place.   The entire set includes a puck shipping cane, Styrofoam spacers and Teflon clip.

To use the puck shipping canister set, stack uni-pucks or pucks on the cane, hold them in place using the Teflon clip, and then add the appropriate Stryrofoam spacer.   Insert this entire assembly into a properly charged dry-shipping dewar and cover with the standard dry-shipping dewar lid.


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