SG1 Screen

SG1™* (ShotGun) Screen represents the most successful, non-redundant frequently reported crystallization conditions from all the early commercially available crystallization screens.

The term “shotgun screening” was coined early in the Structural Genomics era and refers to the process of setting up experiments using pre-mixed cocktails until a crystal of sufficient quality is obtained. Therefore, the best place to start screening is within the context of previously successful crystallization space, “Although only 14% of successful crystallization conditions from the PDB are identical to a commercial condition, almost 40% of the PDB conditions can be obtained by trivial optimization of a commercial cocktail.” (Fazio et al) So this is a reasonable place to commence screening.

Developed by Janet Newman (CSIRO) and manufactured under licence by Molecular Dimensions Ltd. Molecular Dimensions operates an ethical approach to all its products by making sure the inventors of its products receive the appropriate acknowledgements/rewards for their hard work. Please try to support the inventor and only buy the real thing, anything else that is not licenced does not acknowledge their work.

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