Universal V1-Puck (Uni-Puck) Set of 7

Set of 7 Universal V1-Pucks (Unipucks). Compatible with many automated sample mounting systems. Each V1-puck holds 16 MiTeGen sample bases/pins. It consists of two parts shown in the image: 1) the sample enclosure (left) and 2) the sample base piece (right). Unipucks are designed to store and for shipping your sample bases/pins.

Each part of the V1-puck has a unique serial number for identification. Custom serial numbers are available if requested at time of order.

For this set of 7 unipucks you will receive 1 puck of each of the following colors: Black, Red, Orange (Not shown), Green, Blue, Purple, Grey.

If you prefer a specific color, please add SKU M-CP-CustomColors to your order and indicate the color choice.

For more information on the development of the V1-puck visit: http://smb.slac.stanford.edu/robosync.


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