Easier setup, soaking, and room temperature data collection by replacing coverslips for 24-well plate hanging drop crystallization.

The XtalTool (patent pending) was developed as a platform for protein X-ray crystallography to be used in all steps from crystallization, ligand soaking to room temperature data collection.

•  Eliminate direct crystal handling

•  Prevent damage to fragile crystals

•  Protect crystal packing and diffraction quality

• Simplify soaking (ligands, fragments, cryoprotectants)

•  Stop struggling with easy-to-break glass coverslips

• Collect room or cryogenic data without harvesting on home sources or at the synchroton

(24 XtalTools Per Kit)

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Product Information

Read the XtalTool Manual Here: XtalTool Manual.

Sample holder for crystal growth, any necessary crystal soaking and X-ray data collection without the need of crystal manipulation or mounting.

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