MiTeGen Mighty Snacks - Fueling Your Research

At MiTeGen we believe in thanking our customers whether it's the workers in receiving, the technicians in the lab, or the PI.

That is why we created the MiTeGen Mighty Snack packs. These are a box containing a variety of snacks those in the lab can munch on all day to fuel their research.

MiTeGen Mighty Snacks

FAQ's About The MiTeGen Mighty Snacks

How can I receive some MiTeGen Mighty Snacks - Our MiTeGen Mighty Snacks are included in all US shipments. If you place an order, the Mighty Snack box will be included.

I'm not in the US, how come I can't get the Mighty Snacks? - Since Mighty Snacks are food, its very difficult to ship that type of an item outside the US.

Why is there a bear eating a Mighty Snack? - One of our products is the NANUQ an advanced device for cryocooling and the polar bear is its mascot.

I have already received a MiTeGen Mighty Snack Pack and want to leave feedback - Visit our Feedback page to share your thoughts