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  • Accessories for LCP

    Great results start with the best tools. Proven easy-to-use tools for mixing & dispensing LCP, plus all...
  • Crystallization Plate Sealing Paddle

    Sealing Paddle Plate Crystallization Mitegen
    Crystallization Plate Sealing Paddle QTY: 5
  • DropSaver Lids

    DropSaver Lids Mitegen Plates Crystallization
    Reduce evaporative losses Aid in drop placement Increase crystal size and quality
  • Glass Cover Slides

    Cover Slides
    Designed for use with 24-well plates for hanging-drop, sitting-drop and sandwich-drop crystallization...
  • In Situ Plate Seals

    Specialty cut sealing films for In Situ diffraction analysis in crystallization plates. Consisting of 25 μm...
  • Plate Seals and Tapes

    Dow Corning Vacuum Grease
  • EZ-Stages

    Simplify the transfer of crystals from drops to cryoprotectant solution. EZ-stages eliminate the step of...