Cryo Protection

Cryo protections screens designed to protect your crystals.

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  • Kryos Screen

    kryos screen
    The Kryos Screen is a 96-condition cryoprotected crystallisation screen, using 48 top selling chemical...
  • CryoProtX

    MD1-61 is presented as a 46 x 1.5 mL kit This kit is designed for the cryoprotection of protein crystals and...
  • CryoProtX Eco Screen

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    MD1-61-ECO is presented as a 46 x 1.5 mL kit. Preserve the highest diffraction potential of your crystals...
  • CryoSol

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    MD1-90 is presented as 33 x 1.5 mL microtubes. A set of multicomponent solutions intended for ligand...
  • The Cryo Combination

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    Purchase both CryoProtX and CryoSol together. CryoProtX™ Get more from your crystals from our...