Room Temp Screening

The easiest-to-use system for room temperature diffraction screening and data collection.

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  • Watershed

    Preventing drop dehydration during crystals harvesting helps obtain the best possible...
  • MicroRT Room Temperature Starter Kits

    Get started preparing samples for room temperature screening. Full Description
  • Modular In Situ-1 96 Well Crystallization Plate

    A 96-well SBS standard crystallization plate that allows for individual columns to be removed for X-ray...
  • XtalTool

    XtalTool Plate Setup
    Easier setup, soaking, and room temperature data collection by replacing coverslips for 24-well plate hanging...
  • MicroRT Tubing Kit

    Each bottle of MicroRT™ Capillaries contains 20 – 1.5″ (37 mm) long clear polyester capillaries...
  • MicroRT Aligner

    MicroRT Aligner makes sliding the capillary tubing past your crystal and onto our goniometer bases a...