Camera – AxioCam Erc5s (5 MP) With Accessory Kit


  • AxioCamera Erc5S (5MP)
  • Zen Lite Imaging Software
  • connection cable Y-USB 2.0.
  • HDMI cable to DVI-D
  • SD card
  • IR remote control
  • If you intend on using this accessory kit with the V8, V12 or V20 models of microscopes, then you will also need to purchase the Axiocam Erc5 Camera Adapter. Microscope models 305 and 508 do not need this adapter
  • Previous SKU for this product was ZV-410900-4265-400
  • New SKU for this product is ZV-Erc5sAC-Kit

*note: Kits may at times have extended delivery schedules of 2 – 12 weeks


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