ZV-AxC208 – Axiocam 208 Microscope Camera

ZV-AxC208 – Axiocam 208 Microscope Camera is a 4K microscope camera for smart digital documentation.

This camera can be used with the  MiTeGen Stereo Microscope Kits Stemi 305, Stemi 508V81*V121* or V201* stereo microscopes (*when combined the Axiocam Camera Adapter).

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Product Information

This CMOS camera delivers crisp, detail rich live images with high color fidelity at full 4k resolution in outstanding 30 fps. It comes with the following accessories: USB 3.0 hub Type-C, USB 3.0 flash drive, Type-C and Type-A, USB 3.0 cable Type-C to Type-A, power & signal cable (camera to microscope stand) and power adapter with country-specific plug.

In stand-alone mode, you don’t need a PC to acquire microscope images. The camera automatically adjusts brightness and white balance and offers live image enhancement functions like sharpening, denoising and HDR. Digital documentation of your specimen has never been easier. Alternatively, connect the CMOS camera via USB or to a network and control it wirelessly with the easy-to-use imaging app Labscope. Since you can connect multiple cameras to the network, Axiocam 208 color is the ideal solution for digital classroom applications and for connected laboratories, too. In addition, you can use the powerful imaging software ZEN with your Axiocam 208 color.

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