Cryoprotectant Kits

Get more from your crystals from our multi-component cryoprotectant kits for protein crystals. This kit is designed for the cryoprotection of protein crystals and is for use after the crystals have been grown. They can offer cryopreservation equivalent to 40% glycerol, without the worry of dissolving the crystal.

CryoSol™ is an extended set of multicomponent solutions intended for crystal cryoprotection and soaking of hydrophobic ligands into crystals. Crystals, either dry or along with their mother liquor, can be placed on a microscope slide and coated with the cryoprotectant. Excess cryoprotectant can be removed by wicking. Once placed in the cryostream the cryoprotectant becomes glass-like and protects the crystal.

“We have used the CryoProtX kit for several projects. We have found the kit extremely helpful for optimising cryoprotectants for our crystals. In several cases, we have seen better diffraction with the cryoprotectants that we have built with this kit, and other cases have helped to give better consistency to cryoprotection, or more favourable conditions for soaking ligands into crystals. We now use this kit as the first approach with new crystals.”
Dr Nicholas Harmer, University of Exeter

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