MIDASplus™ is an updated version of the original MIDAS screen with new precipitants so let you explore chemical space even further. Developed in the laboratory of Dr Clemens Grimm at the University of Wurzburg, Germany.

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Product Information

Examples of protein crystals grown using conditions from MIDASplus.

Features of MIDASplus™:

  • Now includes the addition of PPGBA's to increase the diversity of polymers.
  • Ideal for both protein, protein/protein complexes, protein / nucleic acid complexes, and sensitive macromolecular complexes.
  • Narrow range of pH and salt concentrations centered on physiological values.
  • Every condition contains at least one alternative polymeric precipitant.
  • Compatible with liquid handling robots.

MIDASplus™ is manufactured and distributed under an exclusive license with Dr. C. Grimm and Prof. Dr. U. Fischer.