MiTeGen V121 Stereo Microscope Kit

  • Top of the line microscope for Crystallographers
  • Ergonomic adjustable eyepieces
  • A wide array of accessories available
  • 8-100x w/ 10x eyepieces (up-gradable to provide a 12.8 x 160x magnification with 16x eyepieces)
  • 12:1 zoom ratio
  • Fully-motorized zoom, with memory location HIP
  • Binoc Phototube Ergo Stereo 5-45
  • Folding Eyecup
  • Stand base Profile S
  • Transmitted Light Equipment S:
    • Cold-light source Zeiss CL6000 LED
    • 6200K color temperature
    • Control of intensity & 6 memory positions
    • Filter slider for 2 filters 35x26x4mm, (sold separately)
  • Analyzer S Rotatable
  • Polarizer D =84mm
  • Mount S with 76 mm Diameter Support
  • Achromat S 1.0x Reo WD=63 lens
  • Dust Protection Set M
  • If you intend on using the Camera – AxioCam Erc5s (5 MP) With Accessory Kit (sold separately) with this microscope, then you will need to also purchase the Axiocam Erc5 Camera Adapter (sold separately).
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