Small Crystal Harvesting Kit

MiTeGen's Small Crystal Harvesting Kit™ has everything you need to mount and collect X-ray data from your smallest crystals.

The common difficulties of crystal harvesting are exacerbated by tiny samples. Due to their small size, a tiny crystal can be especially difficult to mount and transport, and is susceptible to dehydration.

This kit has been designed to deal specifically with issues attributable to small crystals. With the Small Crystal Harvesting Kit™ you will:

  • Save time trying to corral small samples onto your mount
  • Maintain the integrity of fragile samples from harvest to data collection
  • Minimize dehydration
  • Decrease costs and increase throughput
  • Easily clean and store your mounts


Product Information

Each kit contains:

Qty: 20
5 each of 10, 20, 30 and 50 μm apertures
Qty: 20
5 each of 10, 25, 50 and 25L μm apertures
Reusable goniometer bases
Qty: 40
Model: B1A–R
Works with major beamline systems
Low Viscosity CryoOil™
Qty: 1
1.5 ml vial
Goniometer base holders
Qty: 2
Each holds 20 bases
Heavy–duty tweezers
Qty: 1

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