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At MiTeGen we are constantly innovating to provide you with cutting edge tools for crystallography. Whether its conventional, room temperature, serial, In situ or another crystallography technique, we have a tool for you.

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    Crystallography Sample Supports - The next-generation crystal mounting system that changes how crystals can be prepared for X-ray diffraction data collection.

    The crystallography sample support allow you to:

    • Mount single crystals or thousands for micro-crystals
    • Perform either cryogenic or room temperature diffraction
    • Reduces overall cost and increases opportunities for data collection
    • And more
    Learn more about Crystallography Sample Supports

    Cryogenic RFID Sample Tracking System - The next generation of tracking samples in cryo-EM and crystallography.

    The cryogenic RFID sample tracking system allow you to:

    • Track crystallography and cryo-EM pucks and cryo-EM grid boxes at cryogenic temperatures (LN2)
    • Enable facilities and users to easily keep track of their samples
    • Add confidence users are collecting data on the right samples
    • And more
    Learn more about the Cryogenic RFID Sample Tracking System

    Watershed - Is a humidity controlled workstation for protein crystallography. It prevents drop dehydration during crystals harvesting helping you obtain the best possible diffraction.

    Watershed allows you to:

    • Simplify your crystal mounting allowing you to get the best possible diffraction
    • Increase drop working times and prevent dried out drops
    • Reduce protein precipitation and degradation
    • And more
    Learn more about Watershed a workstation for protein crystallography

    SSRL Crystallization Plate Kit - Allows you to avoid manual manipulation of samples during crystal screening and diffraction data collection.

    How can the SSRL Crystallization Plate Kit be used:

    • For in-situ crystallization of proteins on substrates affixed to magnetic sample pin bases
    • The plate can also be used to hold crystals in a controlled humidity environment for subsequent robotic sample mounting at a synchrotron beamline
    • Each plate can hold 10 sample pin bases
    Learn More About The SSRL Crystallization Plate Kit

    SSRL Crystallography Grids - Are designed to enabled high-throughput data collection from multiple crystals on a single grid.

    Available in two grid types::

    • Circular 800 micron diameter holes with 200 micron frame thickness, 6 micron thin film backing, premounted via epoxied into SAM compatible base
    • Square windows 1.7 x 1.9 mm with 200 micron frame thickness, 6 micron thin film backing, premounted via epoxied into SAM compatible base
    Learn More About The SSRL Crystallography Grids

    MicroRT Room Temperature Starter Kits - The answer for room temperature diffraction screening and data collection. Go from a crystal in a drop to a crystal in the X-ray beam at room temperature quickly & easily. Collect room & low temperature data from the same crystal to evaluate your crystal and cryopreservation protocol.

    A few additional benefits include:

    • Allows rapid screening of crystals at room temperature, to help maximize the efficiency of your crystallography pipeline
    • Easy sample mounting with little risk of crystal loss or damage
    • Easy collection of both room and low-temperature data from the same sample
    • And more
    Learn More About MicroRT Room Temperature Starter Kits

    Crystallography Loops - Simplify crystal harvesting, and obtain the best possible data from your crystals, using the most advanced lithographic cryo-loops available. Composed of X-ray transparent material, crystals can be mounted directly on the loops, reducing excess fluid, preventing damage, and making getting the crystals out of the drop easier.

    Learn more about our loops:

    Learn More About our Loops For Crystallography

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