In Situ Diffraction

Industry leading solutions for in situ screening and diffraction.

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  • CrystalDirectTM Plate

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    • in situ X-ray diffraction
    • Serial Data Collection
    • Automated Crystal Harvesting

    Developed in Collaboration with Dr. Jose A. Marquez (EMBL) and F. Cipriani (EMBL)

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  • In Situ–1TM Crystallization Plate

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    The In Situ‐1™ plate enables crystallography researchers to easily grow, transport and screen crystals of their targets.

    • Use as sitting drop or hanging drop.
    • Transport to the beam.
    • Superior in situ viewing and screening.

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  • CrystalQuickTM X Plate

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    CrystalQuickX Plates

    Crystallization plates from Greiner Bio-One.

    CrystalQuick™ X for in situ X-ray analysis (ref.: 609890) Case of 80 plates.


    New crystallization plate especially dedicated to in situ UV and X-ray analysis (produced by Greiner Bio-One). A unique design and an ultra thin well bottom, in combination with superior material properties, render CrystalQuick™ X especially suitable for in situ X-ray analysis and crystallography data collection. Among 8 plates tested, usable on classical crystallization robots, the CrystalQuick™ X is ranked first in a recent publication from SLS: R. Bingel-Erlenmeyer et al., “SLS Crystallization Platform at Beamline X06DA-A Fully Automated Pipeline Enabling in Situ X-ray Diffraction Screening”, Cryst. Growth Des. 2011, 11, 916-923


    Pricing listed is for sale to the US. Please contact us for information on our pricing for your area.

  • CrystalSlideTM – Case of 20 (UV and X-ray transmissible)

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    Greiner Bio-One CrystalSlide™ Micro-channel platform for counter diffusion crystallography.

  • Greiner Bio-one 96-Well Crystallization Plates

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    crystalquick plates
  • X-Chip

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    X Chip

    Integrated Platform for In-Situ X-Ray Diffraction
    ✓ High throughput
    ✓ No need to mount crystals
    ✓ Data acquisition from multiple crystals in the same drop
    ✓ No need for cryo-protection
    ✓ Streamlines and expedites the crystallization to data acquisition progression
    ✓ Low mosaic spread
    ✓ Minimizes use of crystallization solutions