Nanosoft Bulk Storage Grid Box

The Bulk Storage Grid Box has a pocket with 12 slots that are optimal for cradling 12 autogrids – an entire cassette of autogrids in one grid box.

The specific feature of the Bulk Storage Grid Box are:

  • For those comfortable storing unclipped grids in the traditional autogrid boxes, the slots also hold unclipped grids securely
  • The first of its kind grid box can be used to store an entire 12-grid cassette of samples, from vitrification through to cassette loading, drastically improving storage density and sample traceability, and reducing storage complexity and grid box inventory requirements
  • These boxes are made with a highly opaque plastic, enabling optimal visualization of grids in the pocket under LN2
  • Each grid box is permanently, laser-marked, one-of-a-kind random 5-digit serial numbers which provide easier sample traceability
  • This grid box works with either the NanoSoft Pin Lid or the FEI/Thermo Fisher Scientific Pin Lid

You have your choice of Bulk Storage Grid Boxes with lids OR without lids.

SKU: M-CEM-NS-14021009$14.00
SKU: M-CEM-NS-14021010$14.00
SKU: M-CEM-NS-14021011$14.00
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SKU: M-CEM-NS-14021015$121.00
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SKU: M-CEM-NS-PLT01$150.00