CombiPuckTM System

The CombiPuck™ system enables crystallographers to send crystals stored in SPINE standard magnetic cryovials to facilities that require Uni-pucks for automated sample handling. Simply place your samples in cryovials directly into the Combi-Puck. The Combi-Puck uses the same lid as a Uni-puck, ensuring full compatibility with Uni-puck robots.

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SKU: M-CBP-P1 $450.00


SKU: M-CBP-PBE1 $690.00


SKU: M-CBP-PBHH1 $550.00


SKU: M-CBP-PST1 $310.00


SKU: M-CBP-VRP1 $260.00


SKU: M-CBP-PP1 $150.00


SKU: M-CBP-PTC1 $470.00


SKU: M-CBP-PSC1 $470.00


SKU: M-CBP-CASE1 $300.00


SKU: M-CBP-KIT1 $5,700.00


SKU: M-CP-111-030 $115.00

Product Information

Combine the ease of cryocooling into vials with the benefits of Uni-pucks

  • Store and ship samples in cryovials with Uni-puck lids.
  • Compatible at facilities that require Uni-pucks, such as use at DLS, ESRF & APS

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