Cryo Storage and Refrigerators XT Series

Extended Time Series (XT Series) of cryogenic refrigerators are designed for long-term storage of a variety of materials, for example liquid nitrogen, at cryogenic temperatures. A subset of the XT series are the XTL models which provide a lower profile (height).

** It should be noted that the XT Series can not be used to store Universal Pucks or CryoEM Pucks as the neck is too small and the pucks will not fit. The HC series should be used instead. **

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Product Information

Static Holding Days2780100230340
Working Time days175062140212
Evaporation Rate liters/days0.
Liquid Nitrogen Capacity - liters381020.734
Weight Empty7.2 lbs.
3.3 kg.
19.6 lbs.
8.9 kg.
16.5 lbs.
7.5 kg.
26 lbs.
11.8 kg.
34.75 lbs.
15.8 kg.
Weight Full12.5 lbs.
33.8 lbs.
15.4 kg.
34.3 lbs.
15.6 kg.
62.8 lbs.
28.6 kg.
95.3 lbs.
43.3 kg.
Neck Diameter2.0 in.
51 mm.
2.0 in.
51 mm.
2.0 in.
51 mm.
2.0 in.
51 mm.
2.0 in.
51 mm.
Overall Height17.2 in.
437 mm.
19 in.
483 mm.
23.8 in.
597 mm.
25.8 in.
655 mm.
26.3 in.
668 mm.
Overall Diameter7.6 in.
193 mm.
15.6 in.
396 mm.
11.4 in.
290 mm.
15.6 in.
396 mm.
18.8 in.
478 mm.
Number of Canisters66666
Canister Dimensions1.5x5 in.
38x127 mm.
1.5x5 in.
38x127 mm.
1.5x11 in.
38x279 mm.
1.5x11 in.
38x279 mm.
1.5x11 in.
38x279 mm.
Number of 1.2 ml & 2.0 ml vials (5/cane)N/AN/A150150150
Number of 1.2 ml & 2.0 ml vials (6/cane)N/AN/A180180180
Number of 1/2 cc straws - (10 per cane)N/AN/A540540540
Number of 1/2 cc straws - Bulk (1 level)750750N/A750750
Number of 1/2 cc straws - Bulk (2 levels)N/AN/A150015001500
Roller BaseN/A366742N/A366742366783
Low Level AlarmN/AN/AN/A366786366786