Cryo-EM TW35-10 Complete Grid Storage and Shipping Puck System

The TW35-10 Complete Starter System (kit) is one our most complete systems and includes a TW35-10 storage dewar and CX100 dryshipper with case. Its component list consists of 100 Cryo-EM Pucks, 10 TW35-10 Storage Canes, 1 Transport Cane, 2 Pair of Puck Grasping Tongs, 2 Angled Puck Tongs, 2 Puck Dewar and Insert, 2 Cryo-EM Grid Box Tweezers, 2 Screw Driver for Lid Lock, 1 Barcode Reader (USB), 2 Puck & Cane Tracking Log Book, 1 TW3-10 Storage Dewar with Roller Base, 1 CX100 Dryshipper and Hard Shipping Case, FREE Custom Puck Barcoding and Engraving (example: ABC-001 to ABC-010), FREE Custom puck color selection – Choose any combination of the following colors: Red, Blue, Purple, Grey, Black, Gold, Green, Violet, Brown, Orange.

Cryo-EM HC35 Complete Grid Storage and Shipping System


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Product Information

Components of the Cryo-EM Basic Grid Storage and Shipping System are:

2nd Generation Cryo-EM Pucks - Quantity 100 - SKU M-CEMG2

The MiTeGen 2nd generation cryo-EM puck allows you to organize, track, and ship your samples on grids for single particle analysis and other cryogenic electron microscopy (cryoEM) applications.Cryo Em Pucks

CryoEM G2 Storage Cane - HC35 - Quantity 10 - SKU M-CEMSTC-2-HC35  

Shelved storage cane for MiTeGen 2nd generation cryo-EM pucks. Holds up to 10 pucks. Compatible with the IC Biomedical (Worthington) HC35 storage dewars.Shelved Storage Cane Mitegen Cryo-EM Pucks HC35

CryoEM G2 Shipping Cane - CX100 - Quantity 1 - SKU M-CEMTPC-1

Shelved transport cane for shipping MiTeGen 2nd generation cryo-EM pucks in an IC Biomedical (Worthington) CX100 dry shipper. Cane holds 8 pucks. Shelved Transport Cane Shipping Cryo-EM Pucks CX100 Dry Shipper

Cryo-EM Puck Grasping Tongs - Quantity 2 - SKU M-CEMG2-PGT1

Cryo-EM puck grasping tongs. Allows you to easily handle cryo-EM pucks, especially useful when working with liquid nitrogen MiTeGen Cryo-EM Puck Grasping Tongs

Free Puck Barcoding and Serialization - Quantity 100 - SKU M-CEMG2-Barcoding

Barcode options for cryo-EM pucks. Adding a barcode to your MiTeGen CryoEM pucks with allow for easy tracking. Barcodes can be customized to your needs. Each puck receives its own barcode.Cryo-em Puck Barcode Option

Bent Cryo Tongs For Puck Manipulation - Quantity 2 - SKU M-CP-111-030

Bent cryo tongs for puck manipulation.bent cryo tong

Cryo-EM Puck Dewar and Insert - Quantity 2 - SKU M-CEM-PD-IS1

Foam dewar with cryo-EM puck holding insert for easy grid transfer. Easily transfer cryo grid boxes to or from pucks while immersed in LN2. Securely hold cryo-EM puck in place. Easily locate indexed positions of the cryo grid boxes.Dewar Cryo EM puck Grids Loading

Cryo-EM Grid Box Tweezers - Quantity 2 - SKU TW-EMTEC-553

Simplify cryo grid box handling with these easy-to-use tweezers. Specially designed to grip the box’s central screw, rather than its sides.

Screw Driver for Puck Lid Lock - Quantity 2 - SKU M-CEMG2-LLSD

Screw driver for manipulating puck lid lock.Screw Driver For Puck Lid Lock

Barcode Scanner USB - Quantity 1 - SKU M-BCR-001

Handheld barcode reader easily scans 1D & 2D barcodes used on Pucks, Plate, and Bases. Compatible with MiTeGen Cryo-EM Pucks, Uni-Pucks, SPINE (SC3) Baskets, and loop bases.USB Barcode Reader

Cryo-EM Puck and Storage Cane Log Sheets - Quantity 2 - SKU M-CEMG2-LogSheets

Cryo-EM puck and storage cane log sheet. Useful for recording identification information.MiTeGen Cryo-EM Puck Storage Cane Log Sheets

CryoEM Puck Color Option - Quantity 100 - SKU M-CEMG2-CustomColor

Get your CryoEM puck set in a series of unique colors. Help identify which puck you are working with. Available in 10 different colors, or one unique color. Available colors are: Red, Black, Purple, Grey, Blue, Gold, Green, Violet, Brown, Orange or Rainbow – one of each color.Cryo-EM Puck Color Guide

HC35 High Capacity Liquid Nitrogen Refrigerator 35 Liter - Quantity 1 - SKU TW-HC35

The HC35 Liquid Nitrogen Freezer is designed for storing quantities of a variety of materials at cryogenic temperatures. Provides temperatures of -196ºC at the liquid surface and -190ºC at the canister top.

Worthington Industries HC35 High Capacity Liquid Nitrogen Refrigerator

Roller Base For HC35 - Quantity 1 - SKU TW-R033-8C00

Roller base for the HC35 cryogenic refrigerator. The sturdy five caster roller base enables the movement of dewars and refrigerators easily and safely.

Worthington Roller Base For HC34

CX-100 Dry Shipper and Hard Shipping Case - Quantity 1 - SKU TW-CXS-1

The CX100 is designed to safely transport a variety of materials at cryogenic temperatures. The shipping case is designed to protect the dryshipper while in transit.

CX100 Dryshipper and hard shipping case