MicroCrystal Mounts (Individual Styles)

Specifically designed for:

  • Crystals smaller than 20 μm
  • Crystallography on Micro-Focus Sources
  • Ultra-low background scatter and superior microcrystal visualization.

Individual styles of MicroCrystal Mounts™ are sold as a box of twenty (20) mounts.


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Product Information

These ultra-transparent mounts meet the challenges of visualizing, aligning, and collecting diffraction data from micron size crystals. Using dual-thickness technology, crystals are supported on a 3 micron thick film in a 10 micron thick frame. An aerodynamic design combined with a reduced tip length minimizes sample motion. MicroCrystal Mounts provide an unsurpassed combination of X-Ray transparency and rigidity.

Each design is currently available in two versions: one with a smooth top surface and the 10 micron thick outer “rib” on the bottom surface, and one with the outer rib projecting out on the upper surface.

Models with an outer rib on the top harvest surface:M4 Models 1

“Smooth Top” models with smooth top harvest surface, and outer rib on the bottom surface:
M4 Models 2

MicroCrystal Mounts™ are normally sold as an assortment consisting of 24 pins in two separate boxes (2 pins of each model), but individual styles can be ordered as a set of 20 pins in one box.

MicroCrystal Mounts™ are built on 18 mm / SPINE length rods (pins), which are now standard at nearly all synchrotron beam lines in the world. Other pin lengths are also available: (11mm, 19mm, and 25mm)

We strongly recommend using heavy-duty, serrated-tip tweezers to handle MicroCrystal Mounts™.

MicroCrystal Mounts™ are compatible with all standard X-ray hardware and can be inserted in 0.7 mm mechanical pencils or micromanipulators for easy handling.

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