MiTeGen CryoEM Puck Basic Lab Starter Kit

CryoEM Puck basic lab starter kit is ideal for those just starting to use cryoEM and for smaller projects or labs. The kit helps with organizing, tracking and shipping your samples on grids for single particle analysis and other Cryogenic Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM) applications.

MiTeGen CryoEM Basic Lab Starter includes:

  • 10 MiTeGen 2nd Generation CryoEM Pucks. The 2nd generation pucks offer the latest features.
  • 1 Storage cane for storing your cryoEM pucks. Storage cane is compatible with HC34 storage dewar. (HC34 sold separately)
  • 1 Shipping cane for shipping your cryoEM pucks. Shipping cane is compatible with CX100 dryshipper. (CX100 sold separately)
  • 1 Puck grasping tong for handling your cryoEM pucks safely and securely
  • CryoEM Puck barcoding and serialization for organizing and tracking your samples
  • Storage canes can be customized as needed
  • Image shows the storage cane and shipping cane loaded with pucks. Remember, the kit contains only 10 pucks. The grid boxes shown are sold separately.
  • Need a custom CryoEM lab kit? Our kits can be customized as needed. Use the form below to inquire.


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Product Information

The CryoEm Puck Basic Lab Starter Kit can be customized to your specifications. This includes:

  • Adding additional pucks
  • Customization of pucks
  • Adding additional storage and/or shipping canes as well as tools
  • Adding other items such as storage dewar and dryshippers

Use the contact form below to start the process of getting the kit you need for your CryoEm lab.