Glow Discharge Plasma Cleaner and Accessories

The Glow Discharge Plasma Cleaner and accessories are designed to prepare (clean) grids for TEM. They can also be used for surface cleaning, surface preparation, and surface modification for many other applications as well.

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Product Information

Please read the following to understand which components you will need to use the glow discharge plasma cleaner for preparing (cleaning) your grids for TEM.

To get started you will need the Glow Discharge Plasma Cleaner (SKU: M-PDC-32G) and the Economy Dry Oxygen Service Pump (SKU: M-PDC-OPE). If you already have a vacuum pump, it needs to have a minimum pump speed of at least 23 L/min and ultimate pressure of 200 mTorr or less.

The Vacuum Gauge and Digital Meter (SKU: M-PDC-VCG) is recommended for process consistency because the plasma intensity is dependent on the pressure. It is also very helpful for troubleshooting. However, many users pump down the chamber and then turn on the RF to generate plasma without looking at the pressure.

Optional is the Quartz Sample Tray (SKU: M-PDC-32T).

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