Morpheus II

Morpheus II is a follow-up to the best-selling 96-condition screen, Morpheus. Morpheus II is optimized to yield crystals not observed in traditional screens and also includes heavy atoms for experimental phasing as well as polyols for cryoprotection. An IUCr Webinar describing the formulation of the Morpheus® screens is available here, as well as a webinar describing a method for optimizing crystals obtained in Morpheus® conditions.

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Product Information

Features of Morpheus® II:

  • Targeted incorporation of 35 low- molecular weight PDB ligands into 96 conditions.
  • Incorporation of heavy atoms as additives for experimental phasing.
  • Ideal for membrane proteins as contains PEGS and low salt.
  • The inclusion of NDSBs, polyamines, amino acids and monosaccharides to enhance the solubility and stability of many proteins for crystallization.
  • New polyols included for cryoprotection of conditions.
  • Innovative buffer systems included.
  • Suitable for both soluble and membrane proteins.
  • Readily available Morpheus® II Optimization reagents including the Mixes and Stock reagents.