ZEISS Stereomicroscope Kits for Crystallographers

Custom kits developed for crystallographers in cooperation with Carl Zeiss. All MiTeGen Kits from Zeiss include these features:

  • World-Class ZEISS optics
  • Stereo design for ease of harvesting
  • Ample working height between your crystallization tray and the bottom lens
  • Cool Light Source to reduce sample drying
  • Analyzer and Polarizer

*note: Photos are provided by Carl Zeiss Microscopy and are representative of the product family but may or may not show specific configurations, features, and options of MiTeGen Kits

*note: Kits may at times have extended delivery schedules of 2 – 12 weeks


SKU: ZV20-MTGK305 $2,495.00


SKU: ZV20-MTGK508 $4,495.00


SKU: ZV20-MTGK508-2 $7,245.00


SKU: ZV20-MTGKV81 $12,825.00


SKU: ZV20-MTGKV201 $17,565.00


SKU: ZV-410900-4265-400 $1,540.00


SKU: ZV-Erc5 Adapter $165.00

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