Propane Transfer System

Allows for the efficient transfer of propane to the condensation chamber from the propane storage vessel.


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Product Information

A quite simple device consisting of a Propane regulator, Propane hose 1.75m, handle to control the speed at which the propane flow out of the supply tank. Finally a specially modified tip made of Copper that can be chilled in LN2 so less time is required to fill the condensing chamber. This means less Propane gas being generated during the process, which makes the lab safety people much happier. The regulator is shipped without a connection to the Gas supply since this is different from place to place.


This Transfer system can be converted from Propane to Ethane. The regulator has a CGA-510 fitting, standard for Propane.  To be compatible with an Ethane tank the coupling from the regulator would have to be replaced with a CGA-350 fitting  standard for Ethane, making it possible to attach to a Ethane tank.  This fitting would be obtained from your local gas supplier and able you to adapt the “tank regulator coupling” to be compatible with an Ethane tank.