Reusable B1 (SSRL/SAM Style) Goniometer Bases

Quickly assemble MiTeGen Mounts, Loops, and Meshes into bases for crystal harvesting, without using glue or waiting for epoxy to dry.

• Reuse Over and Over to Save Time and Costs
• Beamline Automounter Compatible Designs      Learn More about Reusable Bases
• Works at Cryogenic & Room Temp

*Reusable Bases are compatible only with MiTeGen Brand Mounts and Loops.
**MiTeGen Reusable Bases are designed to be used with pins of a specific diameter. Using MiTeGen Reusable Bases with pins from other suppliers may lead to sample movement or loss.

(Looking for GBV SKUs? CryoVials are now being sold separately)


SKU: GB-B1-R-100 $885.00


SKU: GB-B1-R-1000 $8,268.00


SKU: GB-B1-R-20 $199.00


SKU: GB-B1-R-40 $376.00


SKU: GB-B1-R-500 $4,187.00


SKU: HT- $40.00


SKU: CV-1-100 $252.00
SKU: GB-B1-R- Category:

Product Information

  • No more fumbling to glue mounts into bases.
  • No more searching for a base with the right mount or for an empty base.
  • Helps decrease costs and increase throughput.
  • Easy swapping of mounts/loops to match your crystal’s size and shape, and to optimize harvesting and diffraction outcomes.
  • Easy replacement of damaged mounts.
  • Easy adjustment of crystal aperture height to simplify autoalignment.
  • Secure gripping at all temperatures below T=300 K minimizes risk of sample loss.
  • Precision machined from the highest quality materials for durability and reliability.
  • Patented design captures MicroRT™ capillary tubing for easy room temperature measurements.

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