Reusable B3 (SSRL/SAM Style) Goniometer Bases

Quickly assemble MiTeGen Mounts, Loops, and Meshes into bases for crystal harvesting, without using glue or waiting for epoxy to dry.

• Reuse Over and Over to Save Time and Costs
• Beamline Automounter Compatible Designs      Learn More about Reusable Bases
• Works at Cryogenic & Room Temp


(Looking for GBV SKUs? CryoVials are now being sold separately)


SKU: GB-B3-R-20 $199.00


SKU: GB-B3-R-40 $376.00


SKU: GB-B3-R-100 $885.00


SKU: GB-B3-R-500 $4,187.00


SKU: GB-B3-R-1000 $8,268.00


SKU: HT- $40.00


SKU: CV-1-100 $252.00

Product Information

  • No more fumbling to glue mounts into bases.
  • No more searching for a base with the right mount or for an empty base.
  • Helps decrease costs and increase throughput.
  • Easy swapping of mounts/loops to match your crystal’s size and shape, and to optimize harvesting and diffraction outcomes.
  • Easy replacement of damaged mounts.
  • Easy adjustment of crystal aperture height to simplify autoalignment.
  • Secure gripping at all temperatures below T=300 K minimizes risk of sample loss.
  • Precision machined from the highest quality materials for durability and reliability.
  • Patented design captures MicroRT™ capillary tubing for easy room temperature measurements.
When using conventional goniometer bases, the MicroMount™ or loop must be epoxied or glued into the base. Gluing and removing glue can be time consuming and messy. Once glued, the mount and base must be used as a single unit. If the mount fails or becomes bent, both mount and base become unusuable. If the glue fails during automated handling, the mount and pin can fall out and jam the automounter.

The easiest crystal harvesting and the best diffraction outcomes are achieved by matching the mount’s aperture size and shape to the crystal. But if that perfect mount isn’t already glued into a base, you’ll likely just grab whatever is at hand — and suffer the consequences.

MiTeGen introduces its next breakthrough in sample handling: reusable goniometer bases. Our patented designs grab and securely hold MicroMounts™MicroLoops™, and all other standard crystal mounts (loops) without epoxy, glue or grease.

Simply insert the mount’s pin into the base, and then push down using our heavy-duty tweezers until the grip is secure.

Survey your plates for crystals, and then quickly assemble mount + base combinations to match the harvesting and data collection challenges they present.

As with all of our goniometer bases, they can be used with our MicroRT™ capillaries for room temperature diffraction measurements and for crystal dehydration.

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