Innovations In Cryo-EM

Learn About Our Innovations In Cryo-EM

At MiTeGen we are constantly innovating to provide you with cutting edge tools for cryo-EM. Our goal is to provide you with tools that enable your research.

Browse some of our latest innovations for cryo-EM below. And use the form to the right to signup to be notified of future developments in cryo-EM. And do not forget to take the cryo-EM survey found at the bottom of this page.

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    Cryo-EM Lab Tool Kits - The MiTeGen Cryo-EM Lab Tool Kits are designed to provide your lab with everything you need to start using Cryo-EM with your samples. There are three levels of tool kits to choose from as well as a build your own tool kit. These are:

    • Cryo-EM Lab Basic Tool Kit
    • Cryo-EM Lab Advanced Tool Kit
    • Cryo-EM Lab Complete Tool Kit
    • Cryo-EM Lab Build Your Own Tool Kit
    Learn More About Cryo-EM Lab Tool Kits

    Cryogenic RFID Sample Tracking System - The next generation of tracking samples in cryo-EM and crystallography.

    The cryogenic RFID sample tracking system allow you to:

    • Track cryo-EM pucks and grid boxes at cryogenic temperatures (LN2)
    • Enable facilities and users to easily keep track of their samples
    • Add confidence users are collecting data on the right samples
    • And more
    Learn more about the Cryogenic RFID Sample Tracking System

    MiTeGen Cryo-EM Pucks Generation 2.0 - Allow you to organize, track, and ship your samples on grids for single particle analysis and other Cryogenic Electron Microscopy (CryoEM) applications with ease.

    Our second generation Cryo-EM Pucks feature:

    • 12 well locations per puck; with easy-to-read numbering
    • Clear, affixed lid that rotates for grid box insertion; lid retains liquid nitrogen during transfers to protect samples
    • Magnets for strong puck retention, but easy removal in storage and shipping canes
    • And more
    Learn More About MiTeGen Cryo-EM Generation 2.0 Pucks

    Cryo-EM AutoGrid Cassette Puck - The AutoGrid Cassette puck allows users to screen on a Glacios and ship the same AutoGrid cassette puck to a collection facility, or allow facilities to store their cassettes in the puck canes, etc. Designed to fit into cassette loading station.

    Works with the following storage, shipping canes and tools:

    • HC34 and HC35 storage canes
    • Puck shipping cane
    • Grasping tongs
    Learn More About The Cryo-EM AutoGrid Cassette Puck

    NanoSoft Cryo Tweezers - Cryo-Tweezers work with all generations of the FEI Vitrobot and offer multiple features that make the sample preparation process more dependable and effortless for the user.

    Innovative features of this tweezer include:

    • Plunge-Clamp feature
    • Modified reverse action tweezers
    Learn More About The Nanosoft Cryo Tweezerstarter Kits

    NanoSoft Igloo - Provides better control of the manual transfer when preparing samples with the Thermo Fisher Vitrobot.

    The Igloo does this by:

    • Its more enclosed environment provides protection from contaminating ambient humidity, while various system features transform the manual transfer process into a user friendly experience
    • Designed so even less experienced will be able to prepare viable grids sooner
    Learn More About The Nanosoft Igloo

    NanoSoft Ethane Condenser - The plastic ethane condenser interfaces with the FEI Vitrobot spider to enable one-handed ethane condensing, where the user can focus on liquid ethane level and handling the ethane flow rate valve.

    The advantages of the Ethane Condenser include:

    • The user does not need to handle an ethane nozzle and can instead focus solely on the liquid ethane level, using just one hand to control ethane flow rate, making the process much easier and ergonomic
    • The condenser should reduce wasted ethane gas and the time required to fill the cup with liquid ethane
    Learn More About The Nanosoft Ethane Condenser

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