Everything you need for cryo-cooling, cryo-storage, and cryo-transport of your samples.

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  • Cryogenic Refrigerators, Shippers, and Dewars

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    Various Worthington products

    Worthington Industries offers a range of refrigerators, dewars, and shippers for liquid nitrogen storage and transport.

  • Cryo-EM Pucks

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    Cryo-EM Pucks

    Keeping your samples safely organized during storage and transportation allows your lab to focus on research. We have designed the most advanced system for easily keeping track of your Cryo-EM specimen grids under cryogenic conditions.

    Our Cryo-EM Pucks feature 12 numbered wells, a see-through lid with easy-access tweezer notches for easy retrieving. Each puck can be customized with a unique serial numbers, so that you know where every sample is, when your microscope time arrives.

    MiTeGen Cryo-EM Pucks now feature a Lid Lock mechanism. This allows the pucks to be easily loaded into storage and shipping canes.  See the full description below to learn more.

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  • Crystal Mounts and Loops

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    MicroLoop LD in use

    Simplify crystal harvesting, and obtain the best possible data from your crystals, using the most advanced loops available.

    Composed of X-ray transparent material, crystals can be mounted directly on the loops, reducing excess fluid, preventing damage, and making getting the crystals out of the drop easier.

    Learn which mount best suits your needs with our Mount Selection Guide
  • Spearlab Foam Dewars

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    Dewar Set

    Foam Dewars replaces glass Dewar, the foam dewar has superior durability, safety, and thermal insulating properties.

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  • ACTOR Magazines (Pucks) & Tool Set

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    ACTOR magazine (puck) x 5:

    Holds up to 12 samples mounted using standard 18 mm MiTeGen pins. This gives an effective length of 21 mm from the top of the magnet.
    Magnetized bottom for secure positioning in the ACTOR staging dewar and ACTOR storage racks
    Constructed of aluminum for frost-free use and durability
    Slotted for manipulation with the ACTOR magazine tongs

    ACTOR magazine tongs:

    Hemostat-style closure for secure handling of ACTOR magazines
    Tips fit into ACTOR magazine slots to ensure secure manipulation

    ACTOR storage rack:

    Holds up to five ACTOR magazines
    Fits into standard CX100 (or equivalent) shipping dewars
    Individual slots for secure storage of ACTOR magazines
    2 designs available for use with Taylor-Wharton HC20, HC34, HC35, and VHC35 storage dewars and/or Taylor-Wharton CX100 travel dewar

    ACTOR pin tongs:

    Used to transfer mounted crystal into an ACTOR magazine slot
    Artery style clamp closure keeps sample secure during transfer from mounting dewar to magazine
    Maintains crystal at cryo temperatures
    For use with standard 18 mm MiTeGen Pins


  • ALS-Style Pucks and Tools

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    ALS-style pucks and tools for remote data collection at select beamlines around the world.

    See our beamline guide for help determining the best puck system for the beamline you are collecting data at.

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  • Apiezon N Cryogenic Vacuum grease

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    Silicon-Free and Halogen-Free cryogenic vacuum grease that is widely recommended and recognized as the grease of choice in cryogenic applications.

  • CombiPuckTM System

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    The CombiPuck™ system enables crystallographers to send crystals that were cryocooled into SPINE standard magnetic cryovials to facilities that require Uni-pucks, without having risk sample loss or damage when transferring them out of the cryovials into Uni-pucks. Instead, users can simply place their samples in cryovials directly into the CombiPuck. By using lids that are identical to the Uni-puck, we ensure full compatibility with facilities requiring them.

    Developed in collaboration with:




    The CombiPuck systems was developed in a collaboration between Diamond Light Source, MRC, and MiTeGen.

  • CryoVial Tongs

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    Safely and securely grasp and position CryoVials

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  • CrystalSlideTM – Case of 20 (UV and X-ray transmissible)

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    Greiner Bio-One CrystalSlide™ Micro-channel platform for counter diffusion crystallography.

  • LV CryoOilTM

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    • Superior Cryoprotectant
    • Ultra-low viscosity
    • Minimal background scatter
  • Magnetic CryoVials

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    CryoVials help keep your sample cold during transfer from a dewar to a cold gas stream. They also provide protection against sample damage or loss due to sloshing of liquid nitrogen within a storage dewar.

  • Quick Puck Loader

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    Quick Puck Loader

    Loading crystal mounted pins into a Rigaku Puck can be a time consuming process with great potential for error. Even for the most skilled technician, pins can often become mis-seated and cause the robot to crash, damaging the precious crystals.

    The Quick Puck Loader, invented at Structural Genomics Consortium at Toronto, was designed to load crystal mounted pins into the Rigaku style puck quickly and easily while reducing the potential for mis-seating. This loader can be manipulated by existing Rigaku Puck Tongs, no additional tools needed.

    The device is currently used in leading research labs and pharmaceutical companies

    Colors available include red, blue and gold. Mixed colors are also available.


  • SPINE Pucks (SC3 Baskets) and Tools

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    SPINE puck transfer
  • SSRL Cassettes and Tools

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    Sample Storage Cassette
  • Universal Pucks (Unipucks) and Tools

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    Universal Pucks (Unipucks) and Tools

  • NVH Oil- 4 oz. Bottle

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    Immersion Oil
    • Excellent vapor barrier
    • Very high viscosity
    • Perfect for room temperature or variable temperture experiments
    • Minimal background scatter
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